DIY: Neon Jewelry

Neon jewelry has been in style for multiple seasons, so today I'm going to share an inexpensive way to create your own recycled neon jewelry at home! This would be a great activity for tween birthday parties and sleepovers over spring break. 1. Find any inexpensive, old necklaces or bracelets that you want to revamp! You can use brooches, rings, anything really.

2. Pick out neon nail polishes that have decent wear time! You can choose from neon pinks, yellows, greens or corals. You can even alternate the colors, be creative.


3. If you are painting stretchy bracelets, you can fit them over a cylinder object, like a soda can to hold it in place. For necklaces, you can just lay it on a flat surface. Be sure to line the surface with newspaper, so you don't get polish on your furniture.

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4. Start painting! Be patient and careful to fully coat each gem of your piece.

5. Wait for it to fully dry, and go in with a second coat if desired. Then for extra shine and protection, go over it with a top coat.

6. Show it off!