DIY Makeup Vanity Tour

makeup vanity set up, makeup vanity, diy vanity Setting up this vanity was long over due. Looking at the completed project now, I can't believe how long I lasted with that other disaster of a shelf (see before photos below). When I was setting up my vanity I wanted something, clean, clutter-free and a space that could also double as my writing desk. With those things in mind I set out to create the vanity with one center piece in mind -- my Original Beauty Box.


makeup vanity set up, makeup vanity, diy vanity, original beauty box

photo 4

The amount of makeup I have needed a ton or organization and with the help of a simple product I was able to store everything. I have the Original Beauty Box which has seven different shelves in varying sizes and dimensions. There is also a Deluxe Beauty Box with an additional two shelves. I love how much space the shelves allow in order for bottles and jars of all shapes to fit with ease. Most importantly I love that I can easily see all of my makeup. Other than these beauty box organizers you can also get lipstick and brush organizers from
I will be filming a makeup collection/tour video as well and will go more in detail of how I organize things and what my collection consists of. That video will be posted on my YouTube channel so make sure you're subscribed.
makeup vanity set up, makeup vanity, diy vanity, original beauty box
makeup vanity set up, makeup vanity, diy vanity, original beauty box
The desk set-up is not an actual desk. I purchased the two, tall drawers and placed a table top above it so it appears to be a desk. Here's a roundup of what's on my vanity:

photo 1

The Popa Candle has to be another favorite item of mine on the vanity. It's decorated beautifully and the scent is intoxicating. These candles are made with luxury in mind and that's definitely the touch it gives my set-up. The candles are made in California but you can order online.

All I need now is a mirror and I will need more storage for my makeup, because not all of it fit into the organizers I have now. I hope you guys leave with some great ideas for building your own vanity or new decor ideas for your home.