Red Carpet Ready With Essential Products

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A big inspiration behind my blog was to create a space where girls could get tips on how to look glamorous. No matter what your budget is, I make sure to show a variety of products to help you with everyday looks to the most glamorous of them. The best part of achieving those glamorous looks is when you're able to purchase them all in one place.

Sam's Club has some of my favorite products in stock to help me feel re carpet ready at a moment's notice. Not only can the products be conveniently found in one location, but they're available at great prices. Instead of running to your local drugstore, stop by Sam's Club for your must-haves.


I recently stopped by a Sam's Club near me and picked up some, much needed, essentials. It was hard to stray away from all of the deals in the stores, but I went straight to the beauty section.
Here's what I picked up that day:
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  • Degree MotionSense Deodorant -- Normally I'd say I never leave the house without lipstick, but let's face it deodorant is the actual product none of us can leave the house without. Degree's MotionSense Deodorant is made to continue protecting you all day long. The technology is so powerful that the more your move around, the stronger this deodorant will work to keep you feeling fresh.

  • Caress Body Wash -- Speaking of fresh, body wash is an absolute must for me. For those long days I'm completely grateful to Caress. This body wash leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling fresh.

  • Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo + Conditioner -- Tresemme knows how treat a girl's hair. This humid days have not been good to me, but the keratin in this shampoo and conditioner made sure there was no frizz for me. Whenever I use this my hair remains smooth and is so easy to manage.

  • POND's Crema S -- No matter what type of skin you have, your face craves moisture. I love how lightly scented the POND's creams are. This one in particular gives you 24 hour moisture and is sensitive enough for anyone to use because it's hypoallergenic.


Have you tried some of my essentials? Stop by a Sam's Club near you to get the products you love and make you feel red carpet ready! You can find the location nearest you here!

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