Disposable Flats

A British company called Afterheels has come up with a seemingly genius ideas. Picture this: you're at a club, it's about 3 AM and you've been dancing all night. The only thing you want to do more than crash in bed is take those heels off. Afterheels has vending machines in various clubs in the UK. The flats are folded up into a carton the size of a cigarette box and there's a pouch included to carry your heels in.

Here are some pros to this idea and this particular product:

  • They're biodegradable
  • Glass repellent
  • Can't be discretely kept in your purse without taking too much space

This is a great idea and not just for the clubs. There are times where you throw a pair of flats in your purse to change at some point throughout the day- this just saves more room.

Dr. Scholl's has a similar product called Fast Flats ($9.99). They're also discrete, foldable flats that you find in the foot care aisle of the pharmacy. It also comes with a wristlet to carry them in.

I don't think I'll be carrying a wristlet with flats to the club but there are other usefulness out of this.