Dermal Fillers – Permanent or Semi-Permanent?

In the constant battle against aging, skin dermal fillers present a new method of reducing wrinkles. They are injected into the skin to correct depressions in the flesh and give sagging areas new volume by making the area plump and soft again. The pertinent question is whether you should opt for permanent or semi-permanent.


Permanent dermal fillers present a higher risk of complication, with approximately 38% of patients experiencing some issues. These can include the gel filler shifting to a different area so that it disfigures rather than enhances your face. Patients sometimes have predisposed allergies or develop allergies to the filler. The obvious main advantage of permanent dermal fillers is that they are permanent and can last for the duration of the patient’s lifetime, however this is also its primary disadvantage. As areas of the skin that have been injected with dermal gel remain young, supple and smooth looking, surrounding areas continue to age and develop wrinkles, this can often look mismatched and unnatural.


The semi-permanent option has a very good track record, with an almost flawless safety profile, rarely causing any problems. In recent surveys, over 80% of patients reported no complications at all. Temporary fillers typically use hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite or collagen, and these are easily dissolved using an injectable solution, so even if a patient is not keen on the result it’s easily rectified. Semi-permanent treatment can last between 3 months and a whole year.

Once a patient is happy with the results of a semi-permanent gel and nearing the time when their temporary efficacies are wearing out, dermal filler often then explore the possibilities of permanent treatment. Whether you want permanent or temporary treatment the key is to only use highly-qualified and experienced physicians. It is essential that your cosmetologist understands both facial anatomy and the chemicals they are administering, knowing the correct form of dermal filler and the right amount to apply is vital so that you come away with the cosmetic appearance you desire.

Zac Colbert is a writer covering a range of subjects from cosmetics and dermal fillers in Essex to fashion and male grooming.