Definition Of A Glam Doll

2014 is already proving to be a very exciting year. I've been working on certain projects since last years as well as some recent new ones. While I love sharing practically everything with you dolls, I also like to wait until I have everything together and in place before announcing. One very exciting project that was in the works last year is finally coming together: the Glam Doll shirts. In just a couple of weeks Glam Doll shirts will be available for purchase via SuperGlamNews. The shirts and definition behind them was inspired by all of you and the amazing women in my life.


Definition: A Glam Doll is beautiful and not in the physical sense entirely. She is beautiful because her personality makes her so. She is motivated and making her dreams a reality. She is intelligent and fearless. A Glam Doll radiates positive energy and most importantly she is kind-hearted. She loves things that are eye-catching, especially if they sparkle. Dolls don't do things the normal way because being ordinary is boring. If this description fits you then you are a Glam Doll

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