Decorative Nail Polish Rack For Your Room

Arts and crafts isn’t just for kids. It’s a hobby we start in our younger school days and continue as we get older creating family albums and such. I’ve always enjoyed taking on a creative project, but I don’t aways have the time.

One of my favorite things to watch are beauty videos on YouTube. Some of my favorite youtubers are very crafty and make their own nail polish racks. As my nail polish collection grew -- so did the need for a DIY nail polish rack. But then I came across Deco Polish Racks and my crafting desire went away.

On their website you’ll notice a variety of nail polish racks, colors and sizes to choose from. I went with the white and polka-dot design which hold about 60 bottles. I absolutely love my Deco Polish rack. The rack is very sturdy, fits my polishes perfectly and it adds a touch of decoration to my room.

I love the convenience it give me of being able to see all of my nail polishes without rummaging through a box, like I used to do. You can hang it up on a wall -- I’m still deciding on the perfect spot -- or easily lean it on your wall.

If you’re not so crafty or simply don’t have the time to make your own nail polish rack -- definitely check out Deco Polish Racks. As a SuperGlamNews readers you get a special discount code off your purchase! Enter the code superglam at checkout and get 10% off!