Decorating With Kleenex Style

makeup vanity, vanity, alex drawers ikea My room is my sanctuary. It's also my filming space, beauty closet and office. I recently decided to get rid of the tall shelf serving as a home to all my products and start building a vanity/desk. The process of removing all the products, deciding on which products to keep, throw out and give away was a long one. Three days later all of the junk was removed and my vanity was built.

I want my vanity to be a clutter-free space where I can get my work done and can also serve as a cleaner backdrop for the beauty videos I film. The items I choose to display are carefully chosen, because I want them to not only have a purpose but to be esthetically pleasing as well. While I work on putting it all together Kleenex has come quite in handy.

kleenex, kleenex style

kleenex, vanity

Kleenex is no longer just your ordinary tissue box. The Kleenex design has become quite stylish and for that I am grateful. At a recent trip to the drugstore I went over to pick up a couple of the Kleenex boxes when I came across a different shape. Not sure if they're new but the Kleenex cylinder design was definitely eye-catching. I knew this new shape would be perfect for my vanity because it didn't look like your ordinary tissue box and it has a cute design. The tissues came in a set of three -- perfect to have back-ups handy.

My new Kleenex tissues sit pretty on my vanity and are so convenient. Allergy season is crazier than ever and I always need tissues handy while doing my makeup. They come in handy every single time.

This post is sponsored by Kleenex, but my love for their Style Studio is all my own!