Debunking Sun Myths With Neutrogena

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This is my favorite time of year. The sun stays out later, you can finally wear maxis and the warmth of the sun kisses your face every single day. I love being able to finally put my self-tanners away and catch a natural tan. While that last one might seem the most tempting, it can also be the most dangerous for our skin. Being Latina I've always been able to get away with staying out in the sun for hours without getting a bad sun burn. Little did I know that even though I wasn't getting burned, the sun was still harming my skin. It doesn't matter what your skin tone or background is -- the sun can and will do harm on unprotected skin.

Sun damage can cause leathery looking and feeling skin that ages you. Over exposing your skin to the sun can also cause dark spots. Another big myths I come across referring to sun protection is that you only need to wear sunblock when you're going to the beach or on super sunny days -- wrong! Sun screen is needed every single day. Even on those days where it's cloudy or not as hot, the sun's rays are still reaching you. I like using protects that serve a duo purpose like moisturizers and foundations that already have an SPF in the formula, so that no matter what my skin is being protected. 

Neutrogena, Neutrogena Sunscreen

Neutrogena also wants us to keep our skin protected and that's why they have the range of sun protection products that they do. They've got everyone in the family covered (literally) from adults to babies and everyone in between. Not only do they offer different sun protective products, but they're also available in a variety of formulas. Research shows that 70% of Americans don't re-apply sunscreen and I have to admit I'm guilty of that. That's why I love the new Wet Skin sunscreen by Neutrogena. They've made this formula sweat and water resistant, making it a perfect product for even the most humid of days. This sunscreen is the first ever water-resistant lotion sunscreen that can be applied even while the skin is wet. Everyone is the family can use it because it's hypoallergenic, PABA-free and oil-free.

Do you want to learn about other myths concerning skin care and protection from the sun? Neutrogena will be hosting a Tweet-A-Thon and wants you to join in on the discussion. Today, May 22nd, log onto your Twitter accounts and head on over to There we'll get to participate in a 2-hour discussion all about protecting yourself from the sun. There will chances to join the Tweet-A-Thon, each covering a different topic:

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