Date Night Essentials: Style + Makeup

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Date night can be an exciting event to get ready. On the other hand, if it's a first date it can be a little nerve wrecking. One thing you can do to ease the nerves is make sure you look your absolute best. When you look great you get a dose of confidence and when you're confident everyone around you can feel it. Your date will be able to tell if you're comfortable, happy and having a good time. I've put together some tips to make sure your date night goes off without a hitch. Let's get started and make sure you look like an amazing Divina Latina for your date!


Tip #1: Wear something flattering for your body type and an outfit you feel comfortable in. Of course what you wear will depend on where our date is taking you, but if it's a dinner date you'll want to dress to impress. Personally, I think you can't go wrong with a little black dress. Black is a flattering color on everyone, will make you look slimmer and is easy to accessorize.

Tip #2: Speaking of accessorizing don't over do it. Pick accessories that will add a wow factor to your outfit, but won't be a distraction throughout the date.

Tip #3: Have your makeup draw attention to the right areas. Which is your favorite feature on your face? Your eyes, your lips? Pick one and make sure it pops by adding an attention grabbing color. If it's the eyes add some shimmer to make sure the eyes sparkle. Want to draw attention to your lips instead? Wear a bold lipstick shade. His attention will remain on the lips and you'll be sure to land a kiss goodnight.


As you prep for your night,pay close attention to your skin care. Wether it's a date or a special event I put much of my focus on skin care. One product that never lets me down is my PONDS moisturizer. This moisturizer leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and glowing. I love how quickly it absorbs onto my skin and that there's no residue left over. With PONDS you're guaranteed 24 hours of moisture.

For more must have essentials stop by Walmart. They have all the products you need to make sure you're a Divina Latina no matter what day or occasion.

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Above all else remember to have fun and don't take every moment so seriously. Dates are supposed to have fun -- enjoy it!

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