Dancing with Darkness: TOKYOMILK Dark Femme Fatale Collection

TOKYOMILK Dark Femme Fatale had me tempted by darkness, once again! This collection of eau de parfums, shea butter handcreams, and lip elixirs appeals to the little bit of devil inside all of us. Featuring eccentric opaque, black packaging, the collection is marked by contrasting white, outré graphics such as beetles, octopuses, dragonflies, guns, and keys. The dark designs of this collection exude a definite sense of mystery. The chicness of the matte black packaging makes for a perfect nighttime confidante-- take this risqué collection out with you when frequenting your favorite nightclub! Femme_Fatale_bulletproofFemme_Fatale_excess

The fragrance of this collection is just as alluring. The combination of offbeat notes and unique aromas makes for a mystifying sensory experience. My favorite fragrance of the collection, Arsenic  No. 17 (yes, Arsenic), blends the fresh, earthy essence of cut greens and crushed fennel with absinthe and vanilla salt. Each scent is unique in itself, so I suggest satisfying your curiosity and exploring this collection to find which fragrance suits your devilish side!


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