Curvy Girls by Sarah Flemming

It is often said, but rarely accepted, that men prefer women with curves. Why is it that we ignore their pleas and strive for ultra thinness, putting our physical and mental health at risk?

As most men what they think about the skinny vs curvy debate and the vast majority will say they like a little something to hold onto, something to cuddle, something that makes us look like real women.

The great thing about embracing our curves is that there are now a hundred different ways to control them underneath our clothing in the form of shapewear. Most shapewear is extremely effective and you can buy particular pieces for your figure, so you can enhance the areas you feel most insecure about or the areas that need a little bit of help to look great within your clothes.

Shapewear can make the most of your best and worst features, so you can learn to love your body and all the extra inches you once disliked. There are ways to clinch in your waist, smooth your tummy and thighs and even lift your bottom so every angle is covered.  An all in one suit can help in all those areas if you need to and you will create a beautiful feminine silhouette underneath your clothes. Just be sure to avoid dessert, shapewear is a snug fit, so a three-course meal might be a little uncomfortable!

There has been a recent surge in plus size models being used in mainstream advertising for high street fashion brands. Let’s make the most of this time, banish the size zero trend and let curves become the fashion norm.

Curvy girls should be celebrated not shunned, so use shapewear to enhance what you have and you will begin to learn to love the skin you are in.

Check out websites such as who have a great range of plus size clothing and shapewear to flatter every girl's curves!