How to Get the Perfect Blowout

When it comes to your hair, body and bounce is always better. But of course, it seems next to impossible to mimic the flawless blowouts created by professional hairdressers. Follow these guidelines, and you too, can create a luscious head of hair without setting foot outside your bathroom.


  • Start by washing your hair thoroughly. While it's still wet, comb it from root to tip and apply a small dot of hair oil. Next, use a blow dryer freely to dry your hair half way.
  • Separate your still damp hair into six sections using large clips. One way of doing this is separating the top portion of your head into two sections, the bottom into two sections, and two middle sections -- one on the left and one right side.
  • Beginning with the top sections, use a round brush and a blow dryer to dry the hair fully. For the smoothest hair curves, start by having the brush on the outside of the hair. When it is nearly dry, transition the brush to go under the hair.
  • Once you have done this to every section, add rollers to your hair. The rollers that tend to be the most efficient and easiest to use are made of velcro. When your whole head is set in rollers, run the blow dryer over your hair one last time on medium heat. Then, spray with hairspray and do not touch for five minutes.

Once the five minutes are up, carefully remove the rollers. Run your fingers delicately through your hair and voilà!