Create A Skin Care Routine Today




Having a skin care routine that you do on a daily basis is crucial. The sooner you start one the happier your skin and you will be. In your early and mid-twenties is when preventative measures should get started. Great skin isn’t just given, you can create it. By doing taking preventative steps you can prevent wrinkles, dark spots and un healthy skin from forming early on.

A skin care routine doesn’t need to be a huge ordeal either. You can create one that suits your lifestyle and needs best. Personally, I use a lot of makeup and I work out. So at the end of a long day I want my skin to be as clean as possible and free of all the dirt and grime that’s accumulated.

Being 24 years old, my skin care routine has evolved immensely. I used to almost never wash my face before bed. And any soap and water would do. Today I take it much more seriously. I make sure whichever cleanser I’m using fits the needs of my skin. I have oily skin, so I look for things that cater to that as well as acne prevention.

Also, because the makeup I use is so heavy I start off my routine with a makeup removing wipe to remove it all off. Once that’s off I wash my face using a cleanser. I pat my face dry and using a cotton ball, apply toner all over my face and that makes it extra clean. Just three steps and I’m all done for the night.  An extra step I add every other week is so is incorporating an exfoliating mask. A mask will give your skin that extra oomph.

If you want smooth, clear skin then do the work. Take care of your skin and get in the happen of a routine that works for your skin specifically. Your skin will thank you later.

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