How I Conquer My Goals Everyday

Today I’m letting you in on my daily morning routine. It’s something that I never expected to enjoy so much, let alone make a habit of. I’ve partnered up with NEUTROGENA to show you how I set my strong foundation each morning and get ready for the busy day ahead. meneutrogena

To me, setting my #strongfoundation is all about doing something that I love and that empowers me all at the same time. It’s the thing that prepares and sets me up to have a successful day. That being said, every morning I wake up and head straight to the gym. Ok, the first thing I do is have a cup of coffee and then I head straight to the gym (lol).

Working out used to be something I dreaded. It used to feel like it took time away from me being able to get the most work done and now it’s quite the opposite. Going to the gym is what sets me up to tackle the day’s goals. I leave every workout session feeling strong, energized and motivated. Whether it’s a personal training session or a fitness class – I never regret a workout.


Another way that I set my #strongfoundation for the day is by applying the right base. Makeup is another thing that brings me confidence and that’s why I love the NEUTROGENA Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. The formula of this foundation is packed with vitamins and antioxidants that actually improve the look of your skin. It even continues working long after you’ve removed your makeup for the day.

This of this foundation doubles as your makeup and skin care in one. I like using Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup because it helps smooth out my complexion, gives me flawless coverage and keeps my skin healthy. By wearing this foundation over time it will improve your skin’s luminosity, tone and texture.


Something that I’ve always admired about NEUTROGENA is how they make skin care and beauty a priority. They also make sure to have formulas that match different skin types and ethnicities – which is so important! NEUTROGENA has launched new shades to match even more skin tones. My perfect match is Warm Beige. You can find yours by taking the quiz at

Now that I’ve shared my #strongfoundation routine, I want you to do the same with me. Show me how you set your #strongfoundation everyday! It can be anything – going for a walk, getting a manicure or even making a healthy meal at home. Share your routine with @Neutrogena and make sure to use the hashtag #strongfoundation.