Confessions of A Sneak-A-Holic

Ok sneak-a-holics!!! Being a lip plumping product junkie, I've tried Buxom glosses and balms, FusionBeauty's Infatuation, and DuWop's Lip Venom. This time I ventured into Sephora to try what my sister calls the ultimate lip plumping gloss. This tube of lip plumping utopia, is called DiorKiss which costs around $25 -- yikes!

Sneaking past the overly exuberant employees was kind of tricky. I don't think I've been asked if I needed help more in my life! (no joke). I can't complain it is great customer service, but a foil to this sneak-a-holic's plan. So I weaved my way into the Dior section and tried some gloss in the mango soda shade (which is a neutral shade but with a small punch of color) and fell in love.

Unlike most lip glosses I've used, DiorKiss lasts longer but I didn't notice or feel any tingling sensations that I've experienced with most plumping glosses. If you want more of a plumping lip gloss, I've seen the best results (so far) with Infatuation by FusionBeauty. But ladies don't expect to get Angelina Jolie lips!!! For a cheaper alternative, try some cinnamon oil -- the spicy oil is natural alternative to getting plump pouts.

If there is a product you want me to try just let me know!!! Until then stay beautiful fellow sneak-a-holics!!!!!