Confessions Of A Beauty Intern - Week 3

It hasn't been the easiest of weeks. When I accepted the internship and left my full time job, I understood that I was taking a risk. I knew I wouldn't have a set income and I couldn't predict when I would even get one. We're not given anything in life that we can't handle and I just keep reminding myself of that. As for the work I did this week -- more writing of course.

The city has left me with the need of -- hand sanitizer. This commute is not Gossip Girl glamorous. The subway smells like urine at times and the distance from the office to my bus at port authority leaves my hands feeling extremely DIRTY. I'm such a germa-phobe.

The one product that gets me through the commute has to be my iPhone and here’s why:

  • I can listen to music any time and ignore  the city sounds
  • The Notes app allows me to get writing done while on the bus
  • In the morning I like to search for breaking news and story ideas before I get to the office
  • The map is so helpful especially when they send me on errands to places I have no idea of how to get to
  • Instagram lets me have too much fun with photos (follow me on instagram -- melissaflores)

I can't wait for spring so I can get rid of this coat and all the layers weighing me down.