Confessions Of A Beauty Intern - Week 1


Week one is over and I feel exhausted. No so much because of the internship but because of the commute from Jersey to the city. My day starts at 6am and I make it home by 8pm. Luckily the bus and train I take don’t keep me waiting too long -- this past week the winter winds were brutal.

Since I'm assisting the beauty department I thought Immediately I'd be organizing products and such. To my surprise I was told to start brainstorming story ideas on my first day. My mind went blank. Frantically I searched the Internet for new ideas and nothing came to mind. After a few minutes of doubt, I wrote some ideas down and sent them over to the beauty editor. On my way home I received an email response from her. She loved my ideas and told me to start working on them the next time I'd be at the office. I was relieved and shocked. I thought the ideas would be for someone else to cover not for me to write. I didn't think I would get to do any writing especially not that soon.

The next day at the office I wrote my first story as well as another. I continued sending her ideas she approved of and kept working on content for them. Its been so great doing the research and coming up with ideas. I feel like my mind is being put to work in a different way that's really preparing me for future work. One major thing I learned this week is the importance of planning ahead, coming up with interesting ideas and staying ahead of competitors.

Now whether I'm at the office or not my mind is picking up on story ideas -- while I'm watching TV, tweeting and browsing the Internet. Writing is something that needs to be practiced on a daily basis. The more you do it the less you'll have to battle writer's block.

So, week one is done and I'm going into my second week in the life of a beauty intern. I hope I can continue coming up with great story ideas and get used to the awful commute. I wonder what week two will bring...*fingers crossed*