Confessions of A Beauty Intern

After blogging about beauty for almost two years you would think that I’d get sick of the topic. But it’s actually quite the contrary. Tomorrow I start my beauty internship at one of my favorite online publications. (Which I’m not naming just yet.) The mixture of nerves and excitement have taken over and most likely I won’t get much sleep tonight. What will I be doing? How will people treat me? Will it be a ‘The Devil Wears Prada-esque’ type of internship? And most importantly, what will I wear? Just kidding about that last question – My outfit was picked out last week ;).

This will be one of the biggest risks I’ve taken in my life to date. I left a full-time position with a comfortable salary for an unpaid internship in one of the most sought-after career fields. I just keep reminding myself that taking risks is a part of succeeding.

The biggest struggle I think will be the commute from Jersey to New York 3 days a week. I love being able to drive everywhere, but by taking a bus and train the cost of traveling will be much easier to handle. Oh and not to mention that 6 am wake-up call I need in order to make into the office by 9am! I am not a morning person (especially not that early). This gives me the opportunity to put my Keurig Coffee maker to use :).

I hope you dolls will follow me on my beauty intern journey. I’ll be sure to keep you posted every week on my adventures in the city and beauty world And if you have any advice to share with me leave it in the comments below xoxo. I would love to hear about your experiences as well.

Have you taken a risk lately or thinking about doing something exciting? Share it with me!