Cocktails with Efva Attling


Upon entering the dimly-lit, luminous setting of Efva Attling’s store in the Meatpacking District in NYC on Wednesday, April 17th, we were warmly greeted by the PR associates from Janine Just Inc (JJ Inc.) and from Efva Attling’s Store Manager, Emelie Ehn. The event photographer gracefully captured our pictures in front of Efva Attling’s backdrop, before we viewed her newest collection. The small, intimate setting was reminiscent of a housewarming held by a very close friend - except that photographer Simone Gamble and I were surrounded by dozens of high-end jewelry.

Emelie Ehn kindly showed us Efva Attling’s newest collection, which featured  a silver bracelet complete with black Onyx stones with the words “Amor Fati” engraved on a silver plate. On her website, Efva states that the phrase "Amor Fati" is drawn from an inspiration of how she lives her life: "the love for our destiny" (direct definition of Amor Fati, from Latin).  Upon viewing her newest collection, it was clear that Efva Attling’s collections differentiated from other jewelry designers in that her designs are intentional, created with meaning and purpose.  Further demonstrating Efva Attling's intentional philosophies was another bracelet, entitled "Carpe Diem", which I had the privilege to try on.


According to Efva, the silver-plated Carpe Diem bracelet is relevant for the modern woman's wardrobe, as "it is more important than ever to seize the day. You never know what tomorrow will bring". This empowering message delivers a sense of confidence and boldness, two of which are very coveted accessories to any outfit!

Another popular bracelet were the gold, diamond cuff links, which seem to be more risque than it actually looks. Cuff links scream playful and sexy, while Efva Attling's version exudes class, modernity and simplicity.


The cuff link's diamond-encrusted thin, gold bangles, connected with a gold chain gives it a simple, classic look. Pairing well with a clean, classic outfit, this piece is simple enough to blend in with the classic ensemble, but unique enough as its own stand-out piece.

Perhaps what Efva Attling is most known for are her glamorous, rebellious pieces as well.

photo (6)DSC_0087

Diamond-encrusted jewelry adds a touch of glamour to any outfit, especially Efva's "Funky Bling Ring", the heavy statement ring encrusted with white gold diamonds (ring on far right, from left photo). Another one of Efva's statement rings is the "Funky Ring - Paparazzi", engraved with a very powerful and transparent message titled "Fuck Off" (ring on far left, from right photo). One of the more popular statement pieces, many bloggers and event members yearned to don this message on their fingers - if not for its unique and daring message. Not for the faint of heart, this piece proves to be versatile - pair with your most demure ensembles or increase the bold factor by pairing with your rocker-chic look!

Below are some of Efva Attling's more daring pieces:


Featuring "Shape of a Dream Ear" (photo on the left), its uncommon shape, diamond-encrusted details and gold color is as enchanting as it can get. Silver plated rings with messages such as "Fuck Off" and "Sans Peur" are not only considered statement rings for its size, but for its messages as well. Efva Attling defines her "Sans Peur" ring as living without fear and not regretting ever making the decisions you do in your life - another empowering message!

Enjoying cocktails with JanineJust's "Jestine"

Before the closing of the event, Efva Attling took center stage and discussed her humble beginnings. As an ex-model as well as a songwriter, Efva demonstrated her commitment to jewelry making, creating her first piece at the tender age of eleven and becoming a pupil of one of Sweden's greatest silversmiths at the age of sixteen. Her work ethic, the intentional, inspirational messages and philosophy of "beauty with a thought" makes her a strong winner in this highly competitive business. Additionally, when discussing her previous collaborative experiences, Efva informed me that her jewelry sold over a million dollars in donations, after the tragic tsunami hit the Southeast Asian and South Asian coasts back in 2005. Her talent, humility and generosity make her one of the most coveted jewelry designers amongst philanthropists, bloggers as well as the entertainment industry, alike.


Thank you to the helpful and friendly JanineJust staff as well as the informative Efva Attling staff - this event was made enjoyable through all their hard work! And of course, SuperGlamNews would like to thank Efva Attling herself for making each and every piece one with meaning, passion and zest - a perfect way for the modern woman to model her life! For further information on Efva Attling, please visit her website here and more photos can be seen in this gallery of photos.

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All photos provided courtesy of photographer Simone Gamble.