Clear Eyes Announces Vanessa Williams as New Spokesperson

Yesterday could not have been a more beautiful day. The weather finally warmed up and I got to spend it with award-winning actress Vanessa Williams at her rooftop NYC pool party. Clear Eyes actually announced Vanessa as their new spokesperson and threw the party in her honor. They gave a preview of the Clear Eyes commercial featuring Vanessa, which airs next week, and shared their new eye drops with us. Vanessa Williams


Sam Fine, Vanessa Williams

The day ended with some beauty talk as Vanessa and her makeup artist of 20 years, Sam Fine dished some tips. Sam has been working as a makeup artist for 23+ years not only with Vanessa Williams but with Jennifer Hudson and Iman as well.

What’s the secret to looking bright-eyed in the morning?

Sam Fine: For Vanessa I use Shiseido eye pads while her hairstylist is blowing her out and then I use Clear Eyes to make sure her eyes are primed and bright. Vanessa has beautiful eyes and I really focus on that.

How can we battle shine control on the hot Summer days?

Sam: Set your foundation with a loose powder and touch up with a pressed powder.

What are your 5 must-have products?

Sam: Powder, concealer, bronzer, mascara and lip gloss.

Vanessa, what’s one thing Sam has taught you?

Vanessa: Blending! In the theatre I do my own makeup and I need it to look flawless. He’s also taught me that foundation is key. When you have beautiful foundation applied you can anything else to your eyes and lips.

I had a great time chatting beauty and was just as excited to try the new Clear Eyes drops. Personally I have really dry eyes so eye drops are essential and a daily must for me. A favorite from the collection is the  Clear Eyes Cooling Comfort. You literally feel a cooling affect on your eyes as soon as the drops are applied. Wether it's redness, itchy or dry eyes Cool Eyes has got you covered.