CIRCA Beauty by Eva Mendes Launches at Walgreens Stores

MELISSA FLORES, Eva Mendes, CIRCA Beauty Last week I sat with Eva Mendes to learn about her makeup collection, CIRCA, which is now available at Walgreens stores. The CIRCA beauty line ranges from $8-$15 and offers the same consistency as high-end makeup. I played around with the foundation and noticed immediately how great the coverage was. This foundation is available in 10 different shades and offers full coverage.

The packaging of CIRCA is beautiful and timeless. What I love about this new makeup collection is that they're not just offering a few products to start off with, but instead hitting us with a bang. The collection offers foundation, primer, concealer, lip butters, lipstick, glosses, bronzer, blush, mascara and more! When creating CIRCA it was important for them to offer a great range of shades to ensure the makeup would be a perfect fit for women of all ethnicities.

Eva shared her passion for makeup saying, "I love makeup because it allows me to highlight the things I love and de-emphasize the things I don't. I love the transformation."

circa beauty, eva mendes

When asked what a must-have product for her was she said that as a new mom she loves concealer. She also loves the cheek stains from CIRCA and uses them on her lips as well. Her favorite lip product however is the CIRCA Apricot lip butter.

Talking makeup is so much fun, but I also had to ask Eva about her skin care routine -- her skin is flawless. She told me an exfoliator is a must for her and makes a huge difference. Currently she's using one she got from her Dermatologist, but when she needs to pick one up from a store she loves using a St. Ives exfoliator.

You can shop the CIRCA makeup collection at Walgreens stores. I have some of the products and will definitely post reviews soon -- stay tuned!



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