Choose Your Mood With Lifetherapy

Scent is one of the most powerful senses we have. Think about it -- certain scents will bring back memories and can even alter your mood. Lifetherapy combines the power of scent and vibrant colors to provide products that will give your mind, body and spirit the ultimate experience. IMG_8222

The Lifetherapy products consist of hand and body lotions, washes, scrubs and fragrances. I have a kit with five of their mini lotions and love how all of the names are verbs (Vacation, Chill, Escape, Flirt & Play). The ingredients are carefully selected to create a scent that will remind you of those same verbs. My favorite of the scents has to be Play. This lotion is made up of jasmine, red orange, marsh grass and peach skin. The scent reminds me of a hot, Summer day. I know it's going to be one of those scents that every time I apply it, will remind me of this exact Summer.


What I love about all of the products Lifetherapy has to offer is that their scents are powerful enough to alter to your mood, but aren't overwhelming. Whenever I apply a lotion I'm left with a soft scent and even softer skin. These products make the perfect gift and are great to keep around the home whenever you need a little pick-me-up. I definitely want to try the matching fragrances as well. The mini ones are perfect to keep in your purse.

Check out Lifetherapy and let me know what your favorite scent is!

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