Check Out My Eyelash Extensions

About two weeks ago I finally got eyelash extensions thanks to my beautiful friend Grace. She took me to see her Judy who does an amazing job at applying the lashes. I stopped the salon Judy works at laid down on a chair. She placed this white, tape-like paper underneath my eyes to avoid any glue getting in. I closed my eyes and relaxed as she started placing each individual lash one by one.

The process took about an hour but it didn’t feel that long at all. Probably because Grace kept me entertained ;). The lashes Judy used are 100% human hair and she offers different lengths. You can get a natural discrete look or go all out glam with a full, long set. Of course I opted for the much fuller look.

The first 48 hours are crucial. I was advised not to use any eye makeup at first, because oils and water loosen up the lashes. It felt a little strange at first but nothing compared to having a set of false lashes on. Your natural lashes grow out every 5 weeks and naturally the extensions would fall out as they grown. It’s been about two weeks and some falling out has occurred, but I still have the majority of them in. A full set of lashes, depending on the length and amount you choose, can be done for $70-$80. Which is nothing compared to the $200-$350 some salons charge.

I highly recommend trying this out. I didn't even need to wear mascara and would still get asked, "What kind of mascara do you use? Your lashes are so long." Judy is available for eyelash extensions Tuesday-Friday after 8pm and Monday and Sundays all day. An appointment is necessary. You may contact her directly at 201-838-6152 or email me for more details or @SuperGlamNews.