Can't Get Enough KISS

If you love changing up your nails and trying fun designs then you have to check out the following products. KISS and Broadway nails have so many fun, easy products to play with and I just can't get enough of them. You know how at the nail salon they make the designs with those thin brushes -- well you can do the same at home now with the Prints & Tips guide. It even bring rhinestones for your nails and guides to help you create the designs. The Flat Stickers is one of my fave. Just apply the sticker of your choice and protect it with a clear coat of polish. The Fine Art Pen is so simple to use and comes in various colors. You can create custom designs and even write on your nails like graffiti. But, if you're looking to get a real unique design then try one of the Broadway stick-on designs -- they look painted on.

All of the above products can be applied on artificial or natural nails and removed with nail polish remover. Check them out on