Cameras I Film My YouTube Videos With

The main piece of equipment you'll need to film YouTube videos is a camera. You could use an iPhone to start off, but to be honest if you're planning on filming tutorials or other types of sit down videos then you will definitely need to bump up the quality and get yourself a camera.  Here are the different cameras I personally use to film my YouTube videos:

Canon 70D - Best for Makeup Tutorials

This camera is great for sit down videos and especially makeup tutorials. You can film for over an hour and not worry about the camera shutting off. The auto focus is quick and it also takes great photos. This is a DSLR, so that means you can also purchase different lenses for the camera.

Canon g7x - Best for Vlogs

I've been using this camera for a little over a month now and love it. I mainly use it for vlogging. It's compact, light weight and has a screen that pops up (so you can see yourself while you vlog). This camera is also really bright, which helps with the visuals. I also use this camera for some of my sit down videos. After about 15-20 the camera over heats and shuts off. When it comes to photos I really don't like the quality. If you're taking photos in the daytime the photos are ok. The camera has a small flash attached, but the nighttime photos aren't as crisp as I'd like.

Sony a5100 - Best for Vlogs

I used this model to vlog with for a couple of years. This camera was so good to me that it's still with me. For vlogging I prefer the Canon g7x because it's brighter. The Sony is a little darker but still really great for videos. Like the g7x this model will also over heat after 15-20 minutes. Not the best for makeup tutorials, but AMAZING for photos. I'd say about 90% of my photos on social media and YouTube thumbnails were taken by this camera.

Before deciding on a camera to purchase read reviews, compare prices online and think about the type of videos you plan on filming.

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