Bring Your Hair Back to Life

As much as you tried protecting your hair all summer long it didn't quite cut it. Depending on what your hair dilemma might be some of the following can reverse the damage:

Chlorine Build-up: Those weekly trips to the pool might have been fun, but your hair is now paying the price. N o matter how much you shampoo chlorine is a tough chemical to completely get out of your hair. It makes the hair rough and dull looking. Using a clarifying shampoo like Frederic Fekkai's Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo ($23) will make a huge difference. This one in particular is so great, because of the vinegar. Vinegar removes dirt and build-up while adding shine to your hair. 

If you're using a lot of products like hairspray, mousse and gel it can also cause build-up in your hair. In that case a clarifying shampoo would be helpful about once a week. If you don't use a lot of products twice a month will the trick.

Fried Strands: The sun has a habit of drying out hair beyond recognition. Use a deep conditioning hair mask weekly to bring it back to life. If you wash your hair almost every day then try John Frieda's Rehydrate Intensive Deep Conditioner ($5).

Fading Hair Color: Extra exposure to the sun will speed up color fading. Use a semi-permanent clear gloss for instant results. With Clairol Natural Instincts Clear Gloss ($6.99) you start seeing shiny hair as soon as you rinse the product off. It's easy to apply and since it's clear there's no need in worrying about stains.