Bring the Spa to You: At-Home Facial Recipe

When your rough work week calls for a trip to the spa, but your hectic schedule doesn't show that you have the time, an at-home facial is the perfect relaxation solution. I recommend giving yourself this facial before bed, that way you won't be applying makeup in the 8 hours (minimum) that follow.


Begin the process with either your normal bath or shower routine. The warm water and sweet-smelling aromas will help you get into a relaxed state, which will make your facial significantly more enjoyable. Following your bathing method of choice, pull your hair back into a bun or ponytail. Then use a wide cotton headband to keep any stray hairs from falling into your face.

Start by using your ordinary cleanser of choice to hydrate and clear your skin of any leftover dirt and oil. Make sure that the cleanser you choose is compatible with your skin type and extremely gentle. Apply it using water at medium heat and your hands in circular motions. Rinse your skin.

Next comes the exfoliation process. You can choose to use a store-bought exfoliant/scrub or try making your own (2 tablespoons of brown sugar + 1 tablespoon of olive oil + 1 teaspoon of lemon juice). Using your hands and scrub of choice, massage all around your face and neck. This will clean deeply and take away dead skin cells. When you are done, rinse your face with warm water and pat your skin dry with a towel.

Now finish the process with a facial mask. You can find clay masks at just about any beauty supply or drug store. Pay attention to what the brand is advertising- you want the mask to work in contrast to your skin's woes (i.e. if you have dry skin, look for a *hyrdrating mask). Apply the mask and leave it on for the amount of time recommended on the bottle. Once time is up, rinse your face with warm water and pat dry.

Finally, apply a small amount of moisturizer to your face and neck. Now, soak in the perks of feeling spa-fresh without ever having left your home.

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