Brightening Face Mask by Karuna

I love treating myself to weekly face masks (they’re like mini spa days at home). This week the mask of choice was a brightening mask by Karuna. This mask contains natural extracts and ingredients all working towards hydrating the skin and in this case brightening it as well.

The mask comes in a little packet. When removed from the packet it is extremely wet from the ingredients and all you have to do is place it directly onto you face and it sticks on. I left it on for 20 minutes, because I always use masks for the max time they say it can be left on for.

The mask feels cold and gooey while on and looks a little funny too. After the  20 minutes were up I patted my face, but did not wash the stuff off. My skin felt soft and refreshed. I only used one of these, but you can purchase any of Karuna’s masks online at The masks come in packets of 4 and I’ve got my eye on their exfoliating mask next.