3 Ways to Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

If you are experiencing a bad break up, pressure at work, or any other hardships, brighten your days with a little color. It's been scientifically proven that colors can change one's mood and trigger certain emotions. For example yellow triggers happiness, while red symbolizes passion and power. Color can be a bit intimidating, so I wanted to share some ideas and tips on how you can add a bit of pep in your step this spring season! Color-phobic- If you just aren't in to looking like a neon sign, try out subtle pops of color with a belt or jewelry. This is an easy and inexpensive way to incorporate color in to casual wear.

neon 1

For the trendsetter- If you love experimenting with color and fashion, try a modern shade like this cool honeydew green. Adding details of bright color with a neutral canvas, such as this white lace dress will make it look wearable and adds interest to key areas.

neon 2

For Girl on the go- If you are always running around, you need style that takes as little effort and thought as possible. Everyone needs a good pair of shorts this season, so rather than grabbing your denim one, try a neon pair. Then throw on a button up top and  a bright bangle. There -- you're warm weather ready without having to go  to great lengths to look stylish!

neon 3