Bridal Series: The Bridal Shower Dress for the Bride and her Guests

The arrival of wedding season posts the dreaded question of "what do I wear"? The follow-up question to that includes the likes of "What does it matter how I look - it's the bride's day, anyway!"  Yes, it is the bride's day - however, attending the wedding and its related events does require one to increase the glam factor, in either the most daring or feminine way possible. The bridal shower is no such exception. While the event usually takes place in the host's home or in a restaurant, it's best for both the bride and her guests to don ensembles appropriate not only for the occasion but also for the setting.

The Bride-to-Be

For the bride-to-be, it's completely appropriate (and encouraged!) that you wear white, cream, ivory or anything in the "white" family. Take into account the setting of your bridal shower and if it's a surprise, have your Maid of Honor let you know if you should dress more casual or more formal, without ruining the surprise.

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The above dresses prove to be versatile, as you can tailor each dress to be both casual and formal. The key to each dress' versatility is in its accessories. For instance, ASOS's hi-lo dress (far left) can be made casual with tan sandals or wedges and made more formal with nude peep-toes and a blush-colored blazer. Nude stilettos can make the cream, crochet dress in the middle appear more glamorous while printed raffia sandals add a more relaxed feel to the fitted skater dress (far right). Depending on your personality, bold, neon accessories can make any white ensemble pop. For a more romantic, low-key look, go ahead and find vintage brooches, clip-on earrings and pearl drop earrings.

The Bridal Shower Guest

There are no "rules" for style at a bridal shower, however, there are suggestions to keep in mind. If the bride-to-be is wearing white, it's best to steer clear from wearing anything in the white family as well - and if you're in doubt - err on the side of no white, regardless. And while we're at it, always err on the side of dressy. There's no feeling to match the embarrassment of being the only guest at a bridal shower to wear jeans - even the dark, denim, dressy type.

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For the bridal shower guest, creativity shines through with a printed dress, topped with matching nude accessories (middle picture). Go casual with a lightweight, brightly-colored dress, sandals and over-sized sunglasses for effortless glam (far right). Lastly, add your favorite stilettos to a dark-colored hi-low or midi dress - dark dresses have a tendency to appear more formal, especially when paired with minimal accessories.

Dressing for any event may be tricky, especially when it comes to weddings, but we hope to demystify the process through this series! Feel free to post any questions, comments or suggestions on Facebook!