Bridal Series: Bachelorette Party Dresses

That "Bride-to-Be" sash. The tiara on your voluminous hair. Maybe even a veil as you walk into your "surprise" destination. If these elements sound familiar to you, it's because many of you have probably dreamed it to be for your bachelorette party. The previously mentioned elements indeed idolize the bride-to-be, but in all fairness, the anticipation (and anxiety, excitement and stress) of a wedding deserves its own celebration. Never mind the bridal shower so generously hosted by your Maid of Honor and/or Mother-in-Law - many brides-to-be are also searching for a more adventurous celebration. And with an adventurous frame of mind comes a more bold and daring sense of style!

The Little Black Dress

It seems difficult to conceptualize anything black for a wedding, but the bachelorette party is a most ideal time to don this sleek and chic color. When combined with the right knowledge of dressing for your body, the color black can create a slimming effect. Wearing the color black exudes mystery and confidence - especially when paired with bright, neon accessories. For a more conservative look, pair your favorite LBD with neutral accessories. There are also endless styles of LBD's - from peplum to lace sheaths, skater dresses to bodycon dresses and from strapless dresses to one-shoulder dresses, it's not wonder you're in a constant state of confusion (or indecision). For affordable LBD's under $100, offers a variety of styles. Below are several of our favorite picks:


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Prints Galore

Many brides-to-be opt for their favorite animal print for their bachelorette festivities, but may we suggest a more simple and classic version of prints? Say, chevron and/or florals? While it may seem a bit demure for a bachelorette party, it is completely appropriate. Delicate prints serve as a fine balance between risk-taking and innocence. Prints also feature a unique and eclectic combination of colors. Below are some of our favorite prints from affordable site

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On-Trend Cut-Outs

Spring 2013 runways have boasted the popularity of cut-out dresses from designers such as Victoria Beckham and Roland Mouret ( Exposed midriffs, bare shoulders and cut-out arms feature just enough for the imagination - making it a completely risque option for the bacherlorette. With more daring cuts and exposure, keep your accessories to a minimum (i.e.: nude stilettos with a pair of stud earrings and a rose gold watch)- your dress and its boldness will speak for itself. Below are some of our top picks from


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There are countless more styles to choose from, from peplum to sequins and from lace to maxi dresses. The above mentioned styles are some of the most popular trends worn by bachelorettes. The golden rule for any piece is to take into account your body shape - while a one-shoulder dress may be exquisite on your friend, it may not prove to be the most flattering for your body type. Facebook us your bachelorette party dress suggestions and advice - we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!