Book Review: Golden Boy

15803173 When I'm really into a book I end up finishing it pretty quickly. I might purposely delay reading it so that the story doesn't end, but never the less it will be a quick read. Two months ago I posted Golden Boy as the first book on the Glam Reads list and can't believe it took me that long to finish the book. To sum the story up, Max, is a the true definition of a golden boy. He's good-looking, smart and everyone loves him. All those wonderful things aside, Max has a secret that only he and his family know about -- he's intersex. Not only is Max intersex but he turns out to be such a rare kind that he is neither male or female.

The idea of this story sounds so intriguing and is the main reason I picked the book up to begin with. Unfortunately it was a bit stale. Lots of excitement happens in the beginning of the story and then it kind of just drags on. The story is told mainly through the eyes of Max but many times other characters would take over, which I appreciated because the other characters gave a lot of insight to the situations.

Towards the end the story picks up speed yet again. My guesses at how the story ends were all wrong. The author shocked us all with the choices that end up being made towards the end -- and that I like. Overall I think it was very well written and a story that should have been told. This story is very real.