Blogger's Holiday Soiree - How To Succeed At Blogging

Last night was an incredible experience. Dana Prigge of and Lillie Morales-Torres of hosted a Blogger's Holiday Soiree event in Hoboken. The event brought together NJ and NY bloggers as well as beauty and fashion vendors. Quintum Studios and was packed with bloggers, treats and raffles throughout the night -- there was never a dull moment. I was among the six bloggers who was asked to speak at the event and while I was extremely nervous to speak in public I'm really glad I went through with it. Telling everyone my story about how and why I started my blog was an eye-opening experience for me. It reminded me of why I love what I do and why almost four years later I continue working on my blog.


What I wore:

Top: Flowy blouse from Gentle Fawn

Bottoms: Leather Patch Leggings & red heels (not pictured above)

Necklace: Glint & Gleam shop via ShopLately

Lips: Pleasure Bomb from the Rihanna Holiday MAC Collection

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My advice for other bloggers and future ones (I spoke about at the event):

  • Do this because you love it and be consistent with your work. It takes dedication to achieve success.
  • Write well. Don't put together a blog post just to have something up on the blog. Review your work, make sure there aren't mistakes and have a genuine voice. Your readers will trust you for this and brands will want to work with someone who produces great work.
  • Make opportunities happen for yourself. It's easy to look at another blogger and think "Wow, she has so much going on and different companies wanting to work with her." You can also have the same. Don't wait around for someone to contact you. Instead, go for the things you want yourself. Contact your favorite brands and boutiques. The worst thing you'll ever hear is, "No". I guarantee you'll hear "Yes" more than you do "No".
Overall I wanted to let you all know not to let fear get in the way of your success. Always be fearless and you'll be surprised at how much you can accomplish with that mindset. Hearing myself say all of these things reminded me of why I love blogging. When I started my blog there was no Twitter or Instagram. I had no idea that bloggers attended events or received products to review. I started my blog simply because I loved to write and I wanted to share my knowledge (and slight obsession) of beauty with other girls. For this upcoming new year I want to make blogging what it felt like when I first started -- fun.
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All of the bloggers who spoke were so inspiring. There wouldn't have been a better day to have this soiree take place. We're nearing the end of 2013 and by the end of the night we left feeling inspired and ready to take on the new year with a much more positive attitude.
On a much lighter note, bloggers walked away with some amazing swag last night including: Be Delectable, Aaraa Accessories, Bella Pierre makeup & items from Kohls. A huge thanks to every single person in attendance that night and to all the girls who came up to me with supporting words, thank you.
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