Blogger Spotlight- Brianna Thompson

Brianna Thompson graduated with a BA from Columbia College in Broadcast Journalism, and having an extensive career working on and off camera, Brianna was always being pulled into glamour and beauty.

In 2003, she started pursuing her passion in the colorful world of makeup artistry.  She has worked for nationally recognized beauty brands such as Stila, and Aveda Cosmetics educating and sharing the world of makeup!

Most recently, she has been working with an exclusive clientele at a diamond award-winning spa at the five star,  Elysian Hotel.  Brianna spends quality one on one time styling clients through different makeup looks with Becca Cosmetics.

Currently, she is taking a new approach to beauty and style by the launch of her website, MAKEUPMINUTES.COM. "Its a special place to bring the excitement and celebrity part of makeup to the average everyday woman." Being a victim of bullying, and overcoming a weight problem, Brianna hopes to be a prime example to the empowerment of women and educating that beauty comes from the inside first.

What drew you to the beauty industry? What do you like most about doing makeup?

Even as a young girl, I loved playing dress up and wearing makeup.  I was always drawn to glamour and would sit and watch soap operas with my mom and thought the actresses were so beautiful!  I found makeup to be a form of self-expression at a very young age.

I like to bring the beauty out in others through makeup, and use it to help bring out the confidence in them.

You've had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands. How was that experience like?

I have always been aggressive when it comes down to something I really want.  I remember standing in Macys looking around at all the beauty counters and deciding which one looked like it fit my personality the best.  I went after a position with Stila and in 6 months I went from a sales position to opening up a new counter at the Macys on Michigan Ave. I am a pretty driven person.

What's a favorite trick of yours when it comes to applying makeup?

For me, it’s really not about makeup tricks.  Sure, you can take someone with dry skin and use the right moisturizer and makeup to give them that dewy fresh "glow," but I like to take the time to understand what a person already has and then use my makeup to bring out that beauty so they can really shine. I try to convey that through my videos, like How to do Red Lips and Feel Confident and my blog posts, like Bring the Brightness Back.

What are some of your favorite beauty products?

I heart Bobbi Browns gel Eyeliner- AMAZING!!!  MAC’s Crème Sheen Lipsticks, and Stila Foundation- I have been using their foundation for 10 years, which is featured in my Back to basics: Foundation…where great looks begin!

You also have your own site what can readers expect to see and read when they check it out?

It’s a place where I share my excitement and passion for having fun with makeup. Visitors can get tips for how to get a look or how to apply their makeup for the best effect, get answers to their questions, see videos on how to best apply their makeup, get the latest on new products, and we have A LOT more in store!!!

Can you share a little bit about what you went through with bullying and what helped get you through it?

There were several experiences I had with bullying.  One, I can share with you was when I was 14 and overweight.  My classmates would call me Miss Piggy and blow up their cheeks to make fun of my appearance. They would taunt me and say cruel things to me as I passed by them in the hallways.  It was really awful.  I didn’t want to go to school and would fake being sick so I didn’t have to go.  Kids are really cruel and it was very painful, but  I learned that one can use that pain to become a really strong person. I used that pain to get where I am today and create a successful career and happy personal life.

What advice can you share with people who want to break into the beauty industry or want to start blogging?

Follow your passion! DREAM BIG!!!! Get involved in the things you love. Anyone can start by just going to blogsFacebook pages, or following people on Twitter that deal with things they are passionate about and begin to get involved in the conversation by posting comments. After a while, it is very natural then to start one's own blog to get more space to talk about their own ideas and spread the LOVE!

Simple :)

What's your definition of beauty?

True beauty is the inner beauty that shows on a person’s face and their whole being when they set their goals, overcome their fears and accomplish them! I am expressing my definition of true beauty through my blogsvideos, on Facebook and Twitter every day!