Blogger Spotlight

Hey Glam Dolls, meet Vanessa Flowers a twenty something girl living in NYC originally from Cape Verde, West Africa. She is the creator of 24Blogazine(one of my fav!). Here she's telling us about her blog and answering some questions for me as well ;).

24 Blogazine came to me in a dream. Yeah I know what you're thinking but ideas do arise in dreams. I started 24 Blogazine in 2009, inspired by a friend who was nudging me to do so. I then thought about it for a long time and finally dreamt the idea. I didn't want it to be like all the blogs out there and I decided to create an online magazine blog that would cater to ladies my age about fashion, beauty, health and news worthy material.

What kind of articles can readers expect to read on 24 Blogazine?

I do outfits of the week every friday on 24 Blogazine (which include a compilation of outfits that are trending at the moment. For example: Belted Outfits was a feature last week that included celebs wearing dresses, skirts and coats with belts). There's also a magazine cover every month as you know and I outline articles that will be covered during that month. In addition, with the launch of the new site there will be fun giveaways every month! Brands We Love is another feature on 24 Blogazine which includes reviews of great sites, products and brands people should know about like ZocDoc, Freezeaway Fat and Sugarlips Apparel.

Every month I notice you create a magazine cover with a celebrity on the cover. How do you decide who goes on the cover?

The covergirl usually depends on the woman celeb who is trending at the moment. I try to diversify the cover with celebs of all nationalities that women can relate to. And I try to pick women who are in their twenties.

Do you have any ideas for next month’s cover girl?

hmmm next month I'm thinking about Meagan Good. She's doing her thing in The Game and I adore her new do' so she'll be gracing the march cover!

How often do you update the blog?

The magazine cover helps me figure out how many articles I need to write so I try to do maybe three a week depending on how much time I have, lol.

What do you like about blogging? What drew you to it?

Blogging is therapeutic and allows you to connect with people in cyberspace that you probably would never get to meet in everyday life (like you Melissa :) )

What advice can you share with future bloggers and those wanting to start one?

Focus on your interests and think about how it will help others and in turn help you - do what makes you happy!

What can readers expect to see in the future for 24 Blogazine?

More giveaways, and everyday women on the blogazine covers (maybe even you) and more photo shoots as I love to take pictures of people wearing funky clothes.

Of course I have to ask you some beauty questions...What’s your must-have beauty product?

Looooove sephora produts - their tinted moisturizer and lipsticks are a fav!

Which celebrity style do you admire right now?

I have to say I like Kate Bosworth's casual chic style, Zoe Saldana's couture red carpet looks and Beyonce's fierce and risky style choices.

What’s your definition of beauty?

Beauty to me is really what's on the inside. I know it may sound cliche but if you're not healthy, how can you be beautiful? And the same goes for a woman with a great face and no soul and no desire to be a good person. So to me, beauty is health and a good heart.

Check out 24Blogazine and follow Vanessa @24Blogazine. She posts great stories and is so talented. She made the SGN header on this site and her's looks amazing as well.