Blog Your Dreams

Happy February Dolls! The month of February is extra special to me because it is the month was created. This blog that I’m so obsessed with, stay up all night to work on and care for like a baby turns 4 years old this month. SuperGlamNews, Boliversary, Melissa Flores, Blog Giveaway



What I Wore...

Top Furor Moda| Blazer Love Culture (similar)| Pants Zara (similar)| Shoes Prima Donna| Bracelets Alex & Ani and Knotted Accessories| Lipstick Candy Yum Yum| Luxury For Princess Extensions in Darkest Brown (MELISSA5 gets you a discount)

Blogging means so much to be, because it has allowed me to dream beyond what I thought would ever be possible. It has served as a creative outlet and brought many opportunities my way that I'm still in awe of. Most importantly, blogging, has connected me with girls all over the country. Many of you have told me stories of how I inspired you to go after your own dreams, but it's really all of you who inspire me continue working relentlessly.

Without you all stopping by to read what I’m rambling about, week after week, the content I create would be pointless. And for that I thank you, from the bottom of my heart♡ Thank you for listening and for trusting me onto your computer, tablets and phone screens.




So while I'm blogging my dreams, I hope you're all working towards accomplishing yours as well. I want to celebrate my four year blogiversary by making February a month of giving back to my dolls. I will be hosting 4 giveaways in total beginning on the first Tuesday of every week this month. The winners will then be chosen on the following Mondays each week.

The first giveaway will be announced tomorrow on the blog and it's an exciting one so make sure you stop by!