Bling for Boo Boos

When it comes to bandages there are usually two options- the boring, brown ones or a cartoon decorated one. While browsing through I came across bling you add to a bandage. A pack of Boo Boo Bling ($6) brings bandages and rhinestones designed to cover them, as well as individual rhinestones. You can also add the bling to scars, blemishes, tattoos and other boo boos.

If you're not into DIYing there are other options for having a chic little bandage. Designer, Cynthia Rowley, has a teamed up with BAND-AID and designed a collection of stylish band-aids. Band-Aid Brand by Cynthia Rowley ($10) comes in a metal tin with 20 bandages in an assortment of sizes and designs like gold chains and sequins. One dollar from each purchase will go to Design Ignites Change.