BLEND Collective Body Care

Working full-time and the coming home to do even more work for the blog can be exhausting. I love what I do, but sometimes the tiredness takes over. One of the most relaxing things for me is that shower at the end of day, indicating that I can finally relax. BLEND Collective was created for those of us who want that relaxation. This UK-based body care line has three ranges to choose from and I tried a product from each. The products offered are 99% to 100% natural and every ingredient put into the products are carefully chosen so that you get the best experience possible.

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Bath & Shower oil from the Unwinding Range:

This shower oil will make your shower the most luxurious you’ve ever had. Contains -- sandalwood, cedar wood, neroli and frankincense oils. The oils work together bring serenity to your shower. You’re left with silky soft skin and so relaxed. Unwinding for the night starts with this shower oil.

Organic Purifying Soap Bar from the Balancing Range:

For the days where you don’t want to use a shower oil, go for the bar of soap. This particular one has a blend of star jasmine, geranium, vetiver and rose. It’s a natural soap made to soothe the skin and cleanse. Just like the shower oil this bar of soap stand apart from your other shower essentials for an unforgettable shower.

Lip Balm from the Enlivening Range:

Every night before bed I apply a moisturizing lip balm. When you wake in the morning your lips are softer and smoother. Applying a nightly lip balm will ensure the best lipstick application in the day. This lip balm was made to revitalize, refresh and protect. It has a blend of Sicilian lemon, myrtle and lime oils. Not only will your lips feel refreshed, but they’ll be the softest ever.

This luxurious collection of body care is available at and select store locations.