Biotin for a Beauty Boost?

Biotin has been a topic on all the beauty blogs lately, and even on Pinterest. Also known as Vitamin H, Biotin helps with cell renewal and other body processes. It's found in certain foods like raw egg yolks, peanuts, and leafy green veggies, but not in very big quantities. On the beauty side of things, it is supposed to help skin stay healthy and reduce breaking of hair and nails. I took a Biotin supplement every day for two months and was a little disappointed. I took two 5000 mcg pills a day, as recommended on the bottle, and didn't see much improvement. My hair has gotten long recently, but the growth wasn't drastic. It grew about two inches in those two months.  My nails continued to break and peel like they always have. My skin stayed about the same as always.

Though Biotin is definitely needed for total health and taking it as a dietary supplement could be good, I don't think it will bring any dramatic changes to your hair, skin and nails. Maybe continued use would create better results, and maybe it will work differently for other people. A bottle of 120 pills sells for $6 at Walmart, so it couldn't hurt to try!