BFF Cosmetix Review

If I told you that you could buy makeup--that you would actually wear--for a dollar, would you be in serious disbelief? With BFF Cosmetix this scenario is an actuality. All your beauty essentials can be bought for the modest cost of $1 on their website: And this is no dollar store brand! The quality of BFF Cosmetix unquestionably exceeds its economical price. Of course, I wouldn't recommend replacing all of your favorite department store products with these products, but they are certainly drugstore brand comparable. I wore a complete look of BFF Cosmetix products on one of my busiest days-- which consisted of my internship, work, and the gym--and the pigmentation hardly faded! I was astonished, to say the least. BFF Cosmetix offers a variety of vibrant, brightly-colored eyeshadow, lip glosses, and eyeliner. These products are the perfect way to experiment with funky colors and harlequin creations! Not sure how you feel about that new color trend? Test it out with an inexpensive BFF Cosmetix product! Here were my favorites:




rain-forest-550x550 purple-dayz-550x550





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