The Best Smelling Body Washes

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Any brand or product that celebrates a woman’s beauty instantly wins me over. That’s one of the reasons I love Caress Body Wash so much, especially their Forever Collection.

The Forever Collection has Fragrance Touch Technology and Caress has recently expanded the collection with Mystique & Enchant Forever scents, which I’m so excited about! Caress developed the first body wash in the world  with this breakthrough technology. The way Fragrance Touch Technology works is that for up to 12 hours after shower with this body wash, you’re able to touch your skin and a burst of fragrance is released.


I love that the Caress Forever Collection body washes have this technology. Their body washes blend alluring ingredients to deliver unforgettable, long lasting fragrance. The main reason I purchase a specific body wash fragrance is so that I can smell it on my skin. The fact that I’m able to activate the scent by a simple touch is mind blowing.

From the Forever Collection I currently have the scents — Love Forever, Adore Forever, Mystique Forever and my absolute favorite Enchant Forever. Enchant Forever is one of those scents I could never get tired of with honeysuckle and satinwood fragrances. This body wash in particular has a pretty blue color to it. Caress Enchant Forever feels luxurious on my skin. After I shower with it I’m left feeling super moisturized and soft. I can’t stop touching my skin and activating the scent with fragrance touch technology all day long.


Actress Kat Graham has teamed up with Caress to show how amazing the fragrance touch technology works. Check out her video to see how she shows off her queen-like confidence with Caress at Want the chance to possibly get featured on the Caress website too? Create your own post on Instagram or Twitter, then tag @Caress and use the hashtag #ForeverQueen to show off your fragrance-activating move that gives you confidence!