Benefit Mascaras: Bad Gal Lash or They're Real?

In the world of higher end mascaras, Benefit Cosmetics is one of the most popular brands. Their mascaras are not outrageously expensive and have a great reputation. But which one should you buy?  


they're real

Benefit's They're Real Mascara has been a top-selling beauty item for several years in a row. It's definitely the brand's most popular, and for a good reason! This mascara is great for girls who want volume. It has a nice rubber wand that can get right to the root without being messy, and has little spikes at the tip for reaching those corners. It leaves the lashes looking thick, black, and curled after just one coat. It does not give a whole lot of length, but the volume is great for a dramatic night time look. I've actually had people ask if I'm wearing false eye lashes when I was wearing this mascara. It's available for $23 at Ulta or from Benefit's website.


badgal lash


Benefit's BADgal Lash is another super popular pick, but it's better for girls who want length instead of volume. The brush is more bristly than the They're Real's brush, and it is huge! I've never seen a brush as big as BADgal Lash's, but it really does add some amazing length. It leaves the lashes totally soft and clump free, and is great for every day wear since it's not as dramatic as They're Real. It's a little less expensive at $19, and it comes in a pretty purple color for a brighter look and brown for a natural eye.

badgal plumbadgal brown


Both of these mascaras are outstanding, and I try to keep both of them in my collection at all times. But if you want volume, get They're Real. If you want length, get BADgal Lash. If you want super dramatic lashes, get both and layer them!