Beneath The Glitter Book Club & Get Ready With Me Video

As you know from my previous posts this week I got my copy of Elle & Blair Fowler's Beneath The Glitter novel and went to their book signing. Before attending the book signing I filmed a 'Get Ready With Me' video which you can check out below. If you have your copy of Beneath The Glitter and want to enjoy it along with me and other fans then join my virtual book club! In about a week or so I will have a video posted on the book once I'm finished reading it. I will post updates on twitter throughout the reading so make sure you're following me so we can chat @SuperGlamNews. I will have a review/discussion up on my YouTube channel: SuperGlamNews. I've read up to chapter 5 so in the meantime here are some questions for thought:

  • What do you think Liam's intentions are with Ava? What's your opinion of him?
  • Will the 2 palette a year makeup line be a good enough deal for the London sisters? Should they trust Lucille?
  • What do you think so far of the first couple of chapters? What do you wish the authors should have included?