Bed Head Curling Iron Review

For most of my teen years, I suffered from a phobia of curling irons. Looking back, I attribute this somewhat laughable fear to awful curling experiences as a kid: my mom would buy me an overly priced curling tool, I would use it, my hair would burn, the curls would disappear upon stepping foot outside, and at the end of the day, my hair was a rat's nest, complete with frizz. As a result, I limited myself to using blow dryers and straighteners, and developed a long-time envy of the girls who could obtain luscious, silky full curls in seemingly effortless ways. Fast forward to 3 months ago when I finally decided it was time to face my fear.

I wasn't sure if time had healed my hair's willingness to curl, so I went to the store with the intention of spending no more than $30 on a curling iron. The product that caught my eye for its price and brand name was the 1 Inch Tourmaline Nano Ceramic Curling Iron by Bed Head. After making the purchase, I have to say I am very pleased, and my hair is actually keeping the curl.


Some of the benefits that I've found with this curling iron are that it heats up quickly, with options for different temperatures (I keep it on medium so that I don't burn my hair), it has the perfect width for acquiring curls that are voluminous but not too full, and it functions as a curling wand when I want waves as opposed to curls (do so by not using the clamp and simply wrapping your hair around the iron). Bed Head styling tools can be found at drugstores as well as online.

Overall I am very pleased, especially because I spent less that $25 dollars on an iron that is finally compatible with my hair. I highly recommend this curling iron if you are looking for something that functions well and is budget-friendly.

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