Beauty Tips from Lemons and Loafers Editor

Lemons and Loafers Top 5 Beauty Tips

By Julia Argenti

1. Drink water- I can't tell you how many people tell me that they don't drink water throughout the day. These same people are perpetually exhausted. Not only will water help you eat less but it will nourish every single system in your body and create energy from the inside out!

2. Salt Scrub- I like my skin to feel soft and smooth at all times. I make an incredible home-made salt scrub that does the trick. Mix equal parts virgin coconut oil and sea salt. You can rub on your hands, feet, elbows, knees, and shoulders to slough off dead skin and rejuvenate your skin cells.

3. Eat Enough {Healthy} Fats! - Women often cut back on fat in their diet which makes your skin and scalp dry and flakey. I take 1000 mgs of fish oil/day and make sure to eat olive oil and avocados.

4. Clay masks- On Sunday nights, I always stir up a batch of Aztec Secrets: Indian Healing Clay Mask which pulls toxins out of your pores. For under $10, it lasts about 4 months and makes my skin clear and glowing! Check it out here!

5. ♥ - The most important beauty tip of all time is one that has taken me over 10 years to learn: Love the way you look. Love everything about you because you are amazing! The glow that you get from self-love can't be bought in any stores!

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