Beauty Tip Tuesday – My Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

Being a makeup artist, I'm consistently applying makeup to people of all ages and skin types. There have been so many times where I notice women aren’t using products the correct way. Below are is a list of my makeup “do’s and don’ts” that will come in handy for women of all ages at any given time. 1. Don’t use a concealer that is too light or too dark. Do match the skin tone so you don’t draw any more attention to the eye area as you want the dark circles to disappear and become unnoticeable.


2. Don’t use heavy or thick mascara. This will make for clumps and flakiness on your under eye. Do use a mascara with a small wand and/or apply false lashes (individuals) to create a dramatic look along with a basic mascara.

pic2 pic3

3. Do get your foundation matched to your skin by a professional makeup artist. Don’t guess or use the side of your cheek or wrist, makeup artists are well-trained in color theory which is key when applying makeup. If you're trying to decide on the perfect shade of foundation on your own, apply some to the side of your cheek and look into a mirror when you're around natural lighting.


4. Don’t get carried away with bronzer. For a tan look do apply bronzer lightly with a large fluffy brush that does not absorb as much product.     

pic5  pic6

5. Do shape your brows with a brow pencil focusing on the inner corner, arch and outer corner of the eye using flicking motions rather than drawing a line.


6. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color. Do be bold and try new shades. Get out of your comfort zone, because the only way of finding out how amazing a new shade will look on you is by trying it on.

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