Beauty Tip Tuesday – How To Sanitize Makeup & Brushes

Before becoming a trained makeup artist I would constantly get stye’s in my eye and wasn’t sure why. Then I figured out that I wasn’t cleaning my makeup tools and cosmetics properly. After being schooled, I learned the importance of sanitation and how to not get bacteria in my products.  Below are my tips for germ free makeup!

  1. Start with buying a bottle of 91% rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle and always spray down your dry makeup products (blush, eye shadow, press powder) products before and after you use them as well as your brushes.

how to clean makeup brushes, how to sanitize makeup, how to sanitize makeup brushes   pic2

2. Start investing in a pallet and knife.  This is not only for sanitation purposes but will save you time and money on disposable items. Use the spatula for cream products and spray after each use with rubbing alcohol.


3. When using mascara & lip gloss, don’t use the wand that it comes with, use the loose wands that are sold in packets and only dip one per application so no bacteria gets inside the bottle.

pic4    pic6

4. For a deeper clean of your brushes invest in a good makeup brush cleaner in conjunction with using alcohol. Spray with alcohol first then use brush cleaner.



5. And lastly when using liquid foundation you want to invest in a good sponge. The Egg Shaped Makeup Blender is my favorite. You can re-use as many time as you want and it’s easy to clean and use.


Follow these steps and you will have clean and fresh makeup that will last!

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