Beauty Tip Tuesday – Glow Your Way Into Fall

Now that Summer is practically over that doesn’t mean that our glow has to be also. I know from experience that trying to keep your Summer tan can be tricky but with my tips below you can easily have a beautiful sun kissed look for autumn. Here are some safe and easy to use self-tanning & bronzing products that are sure to keep your skin looking fresh without being overdone.

  1. Body - jergens Natural Glow Foam leaves our skin feeling so supple! How to use: When getting out of the shower, dry off quick and apply a golf ball size amount and massage onto the legs and arms…An alternative is jergens Natural Glow Lotion.  Both are a gradual process for tanning and the best part is…they won’t stain your sheets or clothing!!pic3pic4

 2.  Face - One of the best bronzers out there is Bare Minerals loose powder bronzer in the colors warmth or faux tan. To apply take a large loose fluffy brush and dab a small amount of product. Shake the brush for excess product and lightly glide the brush over the forehead and down the cheekbones and chin. This will leave a beautiful glow without looking orange.


3. Cheeks – Complete the facial glow look with a shimmer blush enhancer. A popular favorite is B0bbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in the color bronze. Apply a small amount to a dense blush brush along the upper cheek bone and voilà you have a summer glow for all of the fall season.pic2Follow all of my steps above and your skin will look like summer never ended :)

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