Beauty Tip Tuesday – How To Pack A Travel Makeup Bag

Travel season will be coming to a close in a week, so while you’re scrambling to fit a last minute weekend getaway into your schedule, here are some tips on how to pack your makeup bag so you’re not bringing everything but the kitchen sink with you. The key is to consolidate as many items as you can to save time and space.  Below is a list of ‘one stop shop’ items that are seamless when traveling.  


1.       The Makeup BagLook for a duel cosmetic bag and brush set like the one below that will house your brushes on one side and products on another, this makes it easier for when trying to find the exact brush or lip gloss that you need and will also keep your brushes more sanitized.        


2.       The ProductsLook for products that are ‘two-in-ones’.  These will save space in your bag and make it easier when cleaning up.  Below are some of my faves and are perfect for when traveling.

a.      stila Foundation/Concealer in one

b.      LORAC Blush Bronzer Duo 

c.       NARS 6 Color Eye Shadow Pallet






3.       The Key is to always pack neutral colors since you can get more use out of those and they pretty much go with any clothing you bring at any given season.

4       Additional Products  -  Aside from these fantastic finds above, you can bring with you the following to complete your makeup look on the road:

a.      Compact Pressed Powder (Loose powders can be messy when traveling)

b.      Mascara

c.       Eye Lash Curler

d.      Brown and/or Black Eye Pencil with a sharpener

e.      Neutral lipstick with matching gloss

f.        Evening Lipstick with Matching Gloss

g.      Chap stick

 Now you are ready to say farewell to the summer in a neat, clean and pretty way from wherever you destination may be :)

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